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Throughout our years working in the digital solution market, we have continuously developed and innovated our services to provide our clients with the best results. Our dedication to continuous improvement has allowed us to become a leading provider of several services including web solutions, marketing, video production and event management, as well as PR as part of our Glamiconic Project. We also offer music production and backstage production as part of our joint brand with Session Chords. Through this brand we produce music, manage upcoming and popular artists and record labels.

Our web solution services include professional website development, app development and E-Commerce. Within website development, we offer several unique services including but not exclusive to web engineering, professional web design services, web content development, server scripting, network and security configuration. We can work on everything from a single page to updating an entire website as well as a whole new E-commerce website to kick start your new business or change your current site. Our app development covers all app requirements you need. We can build a comprehensive app from scratch, allowing your customers to enjoy your services without ever having to access your website directly. This allows you to increase your customer experience at an affordable rate.

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